3 Branding Tips with Wasatch View SE

I had the absolute honor to be on Wasatch View earlier this month to give everyone some branding tips! These ladies are simply the best and so professional. I just wanted to give three simple branding tips on for everyone–whether you’re wanting to start a blog, business. Whether you’re just starting or rebranding your business here are some simple tips! And you can subscribe to my newsletter and get the full worksheet delivered right to you.


My branding tips

  1. Have a purpose

    1. know an understand WHY you’re in business and everything else will fall into place. Read my recommendation for Start with Why here!
  2. Create something authentic

  3. Be consistent

Watch the video for all the tips!

And here’s the flat lay image we created during the show! It was so easy to create and it was really just from items in my house. My brand centers around business, travel, and branding design. Including something from each of those keeps everything consistent.