Anniversary weekend in Vegas!

We packed our bags for California and ended up in Vegas! That city would probably never be my first choice for a trip. Buuuut… our flight kept getting delayed and we really just wanted to chill by the pool and eat out and be with each other.
The super nice thing about Vegas is you really don’t have to plan anything, it’s super cheap, and you don’t need a car at all! We stayed at the Signature at MGM grand, it was SO nice! We got a food credit and it was right on the strip. We got to the airport, got on price line, found the nicest cheapest hotel we could and went straight there with the airport shuttle. The airport has tons of shuttles and it was only like $20 round trip for both of us so it was well worth it.
We had just been to Europe, and camping, and wanted to just have a nice easy trip with each other! So Vegas, even though we don’t gamble, or drink, or party, was a solid choice for us!
 Haha and we also got m n m’s in our wedding colors. Sup cheesy I know, but I love it too.IMG_3014Also, when I got home from work the next day, he had flowers in our wedding colors waiting for me. nbd. He’s the sweetest! (Don’t mind my messy kitchen)IMG_3012
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