Another trip to Hogwarts and our Butterbeer recipe!

A few weekends back we went to Orlando for the 3rd time! It, of course was fantastic. We literally took a red eye and got in at 9 am, and took a flight home that night at 6. Day trippers extraordinaire!!
It also gave us another chance to perfect our butterbeer recipe!! Here it is.. 
1) We were having people over so we got two 2 liters of creme soda, and it easily made enough for 10 adults and small portions for a few kids! And one can of butterscotch topping and a pint of whipping cream will be all you need!
 This is how we make it “frozen butterbeer” like they make it at the park! The night before we poured 3 trays worth of cream soda and froze them!
 Right before we were ready to serve we whipped the whipped cream lightly, not all the way so it wasn’t completely fluffy! Mix with sugar anymore butterscotch topping!
*My husband likes to add marshmallow cream also into the drink topping. Not completely necessary but helps with the flavor a little.
 Empty one of the trays of frozen cream soda, pour in a generous amount of butterscotch topping, and add some un frozen cream soda, and then blend!!! Depending on the consistency you like add more cream soda! It will seriously be like a slurpee and it’s awesome!
Pour into a cup, and top with whip cream concoction!
It’s been a huge hit!!
Trip costs: Tickets-free from previous Orlando post! Car-$55, Butterbeer (refills because we already had the mugs)-$16
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