Autointune || The Glastonbury

Kayla and I started working on her site about six months ago! A series of events happening between the two of us and we knew it was pretty clear that we should take a small break on the branding process! You can read about my account of that break here. First off, Kayla is one of the most passionate people I know and so doing her brand was very personal for the both of us. I learned so much about her and the goals and aspirations she has. I am so proud to finally reveal the brand and website for Autointune!

Autointune wants to heal the world.

Her brand is very colorful, natural, and all about healing the self and the world. Finding a city that matched that was a little bit of a challenge ;) Kayla’s favorite place is England. It changed her and her soul forever when she’s visited. So we spoke and decided her brand would be dubbed, “Glastonbury”, a town in the countryside of England that is equal parts colorful and quaint.

The Website


The Brand

See our inspiration board and image credits here. Kayla drew the words for the logo, I was able to digitize it and make the watercolor background she was wanting. I love coming up with logos for businesses, but a lot of artists already have something in mind when we talk, so I get to bring their dreams to life!


Brand Headshots

Here are a few of the headshots we did for her and her brand. I absolutely love what we were able to capture. It totally encapsulates her and her personality! My favorite thing about them is that they’re just real. She’s in her “be kind” t shirt, we drove 15 minutes to the mountains where their is so much peace and the mountains she loves, we took pictures with her cat! This was so amazing to be apart of. I know their is definitely a time and a place for hair and makeup with headshots, but capturing how you are with your business day to day is so important!