Branding Inspiration: Aubri Stanger

Branding Inspiration is so important!

So excited to be working with Aubri! I’m almost done with her site, and here’s an inspiration board to get us where we needed to be! It’s so important to get clear on what your client needs and wants from their website and brand. You can check out her branding inspiration board here! We did it together and it was nice to have so that if I felt stuck or unsure I could go back to her clear ideas and work from there.

aubri branding inspiration

Very feminine, glamorous, and if I had to choose a destination, this site would be Paris.

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Aubri and I met to chat about what she needed and wanted and I really felt like I understood where she wanted to go with her brand. She loved deep red and pink and gold. But doing too much gold can really make things look cheap so keeping it to a minimum but also making is flashy was a fun line to play with.