California here we come

Oh man, California is HOT! We went on the hottest day of the year so far and my soul was loving it! Some family members just moved to Huntington and I foresee a lot of trips there! ;) Spring Break this year was so relaxing and just what we needed! DSCF3002_1024_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerIt was like 90 degrees out and I got tan but the water was dang C O L D.DSCF3003_1024_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerDSCF3013_1024_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerObligatory…duhDSCF3037_1024_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerDSCF3038_1024_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerDSCF3044_1024_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerLater that night we went and took some pictures of sweet little El! Happy birthday! We love you and are so proud!Ellie (1 of 3)_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerEllie (2 of 3)_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerEllie (3 of 3)_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_Photographer

We walked around downtown Huntington at night and it was bustling and so much fun! If you like it to be a little quieter just go down one or two streets and there’s still a ton of shops but just not nearly the bar scene as the main road ;)IMG_5514_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerIMG_5515_1024_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerWas there ever a cuter pair??IMG_5518_1024_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerOh and us too!!
IMG_5523_1024_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerIMG_5534_1024_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerIMG_5550_1024_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerIMG_5552_1024_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerSo in love with this guy!IMG_5553_1024_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerI still don’t believe they’re brothers.IMG_5558_1024_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_Photographer

Food! The food on this trip was uncharacteristically delicious! Dave and I aren’t much for trying new places and are both super picky which makes life hard sometimes haha. But honestly we chose awesome food this trip!

If I had one last day on earth I’d go to all these places. I’m not even exaggerating! IMG_5560_1024_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerIMG_5564_1024_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerIMG_5565_1024_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerRuby’s has been a long time favorite for me! Especially the one at Huntington! I went in 2009(?) with my family on a trip and never looked back. I’ve been to this location a couple of other times and once in Vegas as well! Never disappoints. You walk all the way down the pier and get the yummiest burgers and diner food! I’m a sucker for an awesome burger so we had to go for dinner one night!IMG_5566_1024_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerIMG_5569_1024_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_Photographer

Wahoo’s is the next place you need to go. I got their fish tacos and used one tortilla instead of two so I had twice the tacos! One serving was plenty for me! And SO good. The sauce is awesome, and they’ve got these stickers plastered all over the whole restaurant! IMG_0279_1024_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_Photographer

Next place I’d go during my figurative last day on earth would be Woody’s Diner. They have a rice krispie shake and I swear you’ll thank me later. It was so hot out and so we walked around town and got some ice cream to try to stay cool!
IMG_0265_1024_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerWe HAD to go to Sprinkles. We’ve been in LA, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. Seriously the best cupcakes ever and now they have ice cream! How cute is that little tiny cupcake in my ice cream?? Are you catching my drift? I love ice cream.IMG_5438_1024_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_Photographer



And guys don’t worry.. I got this braid thing DOWN. I almost never talk selfies alone and when I got home I found SO many.. like what the heck was I doing? But that’s all my real hair! And even after the beach it was still in! Fishtail for the win!IMG_0244_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_Photographer

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