Colorful Places and Faces with Amy Hirschi Creative

I am so thrilled to finally get this project off the ground! A few years ago I saw this post by House of Lars, and was SO inspired!!  I love lots of color, and as a designer and photographer, I am always looking for fun spots to take pictures for personal and client use. I started looking for colored walls in Northern Utah and found quite a few– I was so excited!

I wanted to create a master list to help other creative’s in my area to find colorful places for their work. Instead of just having a bunch of pictures of me in front of some walls I sought out the help of some other colorful faces to get the project off the ground. Each of these women is a business owner living in Northern Utah, you can see their individual posts linked with their pictures! I am so grateful to have people who are so passionate about what they do all around me. I tried to get them to come to places with me that matched their brand well.

Each one of these rad ladies are helping me show off complementary colors with the  that can be used for branding! You can see the full post about what complementary colors mean for you and your brand here.

Also, please be mindful that most of these places are places of business! I tried to go when they weren’t open as to not disturb the patrons and business owners.

Colored Walls in Northern Utah!

Red Wall: Ogden, Utah

Complementary Colors: Red and Green

Boss Lady: April Maw with Sweet Ruby Co.

See her full post here!

Red April (15 of 53)_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_Utah_Photographer_Colored Walls in Northern utah

Orange Wall: Ogden, UT

Complementary Colors: Orange and Blue

Boss Lady: Cheree Salter, A Dash of Salter Blog

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Orange Cheree (12 of 17)_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_Utah_Photographer_colored_walls_in_utah

Yellow Wall: Ogden, UT

Complementary Colors: Yellow and Navy

Boss Ladies: Joan Dunn and Angie Erickson, Wasatch View

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Yellow Wasatch (2 of 16)_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_Utah_Photographer_colored_walls_in_utah

Bright Green Wall: Ogden, UT

Complementary Colors: Green and Pink

Boss Lady: Haley Rodgers, Blooms to Bouquets

See her full post here!

Green Haley (12 of 21)_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_Utah_Photographer_colored_walls_in_utah

Dark Green and Mint Wall: Ogden, UT

Complementary Colors: Green and Red

Boss Lady: Pamela Goodwin, Photo Sideshow

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Green Pamela (21 of 22)_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_Utah_Photographer_colored_walls_in_utah

Light Blue wall: Ogden, Utah

Complementary Colors: Blue and Orange

Boss Lady: Hiliary Stewart, Hiliary Stewart Photography

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hiliary blue (20 of 27)_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_Utah_Photographer_colored_walls_in_northern_utah

Bright Blue Wall: Ogden, UT (Since has been painted) see similar here or here.

Pink Wall: SLC, UT  (The only one I couldn’t find near Ogden!)

Complementary Colors: Blue and Orange

Boss Lady: Kayla Livingston, Autointune

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kayla blue (28 of 44)_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_Utah_Photographer_colored_walls_in_northern_utahPink Kayla (4 of 23)_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_Utah_Photographer_colored_walls_in_northern_utah

Purple Wall: Clearfield, UT

Complementary Colors: Yellow and Purple

Boss Lady: Rachael Balderston, Lash Effect

See her full post here!

Purple Rachael (8 of 35)_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_Utah_Photographer_colored_walls_in_northern_utah

Pink Wall: Layton, UT

Complementary Colors: Pink and Orange

Boss Lady: ME! But a full post is coming soon featuring another entrepreneur ;)

Comment if you know of any other colored walls in Northern Utah! We can go document it together!