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And with yet another red eye, and about 2 hours of sleep, we found ourselves in London, England! Probably one of my favorite cities on the planet. If you do so recall, we’d been to London on a short trip last summer, and I literally could NOT wait to get back!
We had packed some pretty big backpacks and so first thing we wanted to do was drop them off. We stayed at the Garden View Hotel, and loved the location the most!
Since it was pretty early in the morning we stopped at Gregg’s and got a chicken pasty, and it was delishhhh. They are everywhere, very easy to find and it seemed like a safe bet if we ever needed a quick bite!


We got right on the Piccadilly line from the airport, got off on Earl’s Court stop, walked a couple blocks and our hotel was tucked in the cutest neighborhood! So easy and convenient! The subway, or, tube is so easy to figure out! We would suggest getting a travel book, we used this one The Knopf MapGuide: London. It was a life saver.

First stop we went to The London Tower! This was SO neat for me! And I recommend it, we followed a pretty funny tour guide, or Beef Eater, around and heard all sorts of stories off Royalty, and beheadings, ya know, fun stuff. Love the accents! Even talking about blood and gore, it was fun to listen to.

The Traitor’s Gate
These were all coins where the moat used to be!
 The Crown Jewel’s were easily my favorite part. So intricate and beautiful, a must!
After The Tower, we decided to go see Lion King!! What’s better than a show in London? We just went over the the Lyceum Theatre, bought our tickets and they were great seats in the prettiest theatre!
Lion King was AMAZING! It was interesting to watch it and it’s all about the African culture but they all had English accents! And the little kids playing Simba and Nala had the sweetest little accents and I just about died!
I think these telephone booths are the cutest things in the world..
Remember, we’d had about 5 hours of sleep in two days. So after the show, we were getting some shut eye, even though it was only about 7:30 pm.
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