East Canyon

This weekend was awesome and adventure packed! Just the way we like them! Dave’s family goes to East canyon and parties every August and that happened to be this weekend! I managed to get three days off in a row so we spent half in Utah and the other half in Colorado visiting my brother!
We just hang out and play tennis and I actually had my first experience Geo caching…..? Haha! It was fun! My nieces and nephews love it and it was so fun to watch them get so excited! And swimming is possibly my favorite thing in the world so we did lots of that too! Great time!
 Confused Geo caching..
 Found one! Family, isn’t it about…time?
 Tara showed us her inner black girl by letting her hair poof!
 This was our computer at the resort..good taste
 And I marvel everyday at the beauty that IS Utah.
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