Where to eat in San Francisco

For unique and good ice cream:

San Francisco’s Hometown Creamery

I loved that they had really small sizes! And that they made the unique flavors and in house! I loved my carrot cake!

Neighborhood: Sunset

For a really good burger:

Jenny’s Burgers

I absolutely love burgers! I loved my burger with BBQ sauce, we each loved the fries and onion rings, and the shake was awesome too! So all around, really good.

Neighborhood: Sunset

For an awesome sandwich:

“The” Yellow Submarine

I loved my meatball sub, and Dave and Mandy both liked the italian sub.

Neighborhood: Sunset

For really good pizza:

Pizzetta 211

We loved the Margherita and the one with asparagus on it!

Neighborhood: Richmond

For awesome breakfast with a view:

Louis’ Restaurant

We loved the biscuits and traditional breakfast here! But they only take cash, but it was an awesome price with the best view of the Sutro Baths!

District: Richmond

For good and cheap sushi:

Kiki Japanese

3/4 of us love sushi, it was an awesome price and it was really good! I have a hard time getting sushi in landlocked Utah. The other 1/4 of us hates sushi but liked his teriyaki he got!

Neighborhood: Sunset


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