Family trip to St. George!

This year for Christmas, my mom decided to take us all the St. George instead of gifts! And it was the best ever! Loved seeing all the siblings and grandkids all together-which we didn’t even get to do for Christmas! So it was amazing!
On Thursday morning, my mom and I flew down from SLC–> SGU! It was a tiny little plane but the 45 minutes was worth it! Dave wasn’t off of work until that night and the flights looked terrible that night and next morning, so we decided he would drive alone and we would fly so that he wasn’t driving another car. And it worked out so well!
 So that afternoon we all hopped in the van my brother rented and went to Sand Hallow!
The water was pretty cold at the end of April! But a few of us swam out to the little islands and jumped in still and the kids even got in!
 Cousin bath time! I love seeing these kids who are so close in age get along!

 5 nephews and 1 lizard named “Horny”
 And little miss Cleo Mae
Friday we all went to Red Cliffs! It’s a pretty short and easy hike up to a waterfall!

 Catching lizards!

  And the scenery is just gorgeous!
 Catching frogs and tadpoles!

 Jack earned the nickname, Mogley on this trip!

 And Uncle Dabe is sweet as ever..
 Don’t worry..definitely rolled my ankle jumping in! And it still hurts a month later!
 My beautiful mom and sisters!
That evening my sister had planned some sweet games for us to play that were tons of fun! 
 Dave made all these sweet shirts!
And little Cleo rocking hers!
 And getting to snuggle nephews all day!
 Cousin hugs and kisses!
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