Fort Lauderdale and our friend Frandy

We got to drive around where Dave served his mission, see where he lived, rode his bike and taught the gospel. I’m so blessed to have a husband that served a mission for the LDS church. I never knew that having a husband that served a mission would be so important to me until I married Dave. I know not everyone needs that, but I personally did! And it was so great to see where this took place.

Deej & Blamers

We went to church at one of the wards that Dave served at! I was surprised and happy to see that so many people recognized him! One of the families that he was closest with were so happy to see him! It’s crazy because that family usually is at the singles ward as the bishop but their son was giving his homecoming talk! So we got to see them all.


Ok, so it was later in Florida than Utah, so by the time we wanted dinner it was fairly late. So we called in some take out to take back to our hotel. I run into the restaurant and when I come out I can’t find our car. I see what I think is our car but someone’s next to it and my husband is super it’s not him talking to a stranger, until the lights flash at me. It is my husband talking to a stranger. What is happening?

So I walk over. First thing this guys says to me is “I’m looking for a blessing!” and I legit thought he was wanting a priesthood blessing from Dave. Like did he know he served here or something? But that wasn’t the case. He wanted a ride home! This guy had missed the last bus. My brother literally hitch hiked across Japan and I thought, “Well Grady does this kind of thing all the time, sure why not?!” He turned his pockets out and showed us he didn’t have any weapons.

Turns out, he’s a God fearing rapper. This is our friend Frandy. He was a hoot!

frandy (1 of 2)_Amy_Hirschi_PhotographyAfter seeing where Dave served and gained so many memories, it was so fun to make some memories of our own there too!

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