Graduation Pictures and Finishing my degree!

I can’t believe that I’m finally to this point in my life! Finishing college has always been a huge goal for me my entire life. I remember when my parents got divorced when I was only eight and my mom decided to go back to school. I knew from then on I wanted a degree and I wanted it for myself. There’s definitely been times where I’ve wanted to quit, when I didn’t think I needed or wanted a degree, and times that I actually did stop going. But FINALLY being to this part has made it all worth it.

I’ve had a really good experience with college! I did one semester at Utah State and then decided to go to Weber State and it was the perfect decision for me. I’ve made some amazing friends, learned a ton, and have grown so much during this time in my life. But I also feel like I’ve really lived. Getting married, traveling, deciding to dedicate so much time and energy to school, making grown-up decisions, starting two businesses, and so much more!! It’s been quite the adventure.

The best thing I did was get involved! I loved having friends in my classes and getting along with my professors made my life so much easier. Winning Opportunity Quest was seriously probably one of the biggest highlights of my education! I can’t say enough good things about the Hall Global Entrepreneurship Center though. Truly changed my life.

View More: More: More: More:’m SO ready to take on the world and keep working and building Waverley Design Co. I feel like my education really has prepared me to do whatever I want or need to in this life. Whether it’s for a job, running a company, or for my future family.amys announcement_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Wedding Photographer_Salt Lake Wedding photographer_Utah Wedding Photographer_Ogden Photographer_Lds_Wedding_Photographer

Pictures by Abbey Kyhl // Hair and Makeup by Aubri Stanger (I did her website BTW ;))

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