Happy Leap Day!!! // Waverley Design Co. Launch

My favorite show of all time is 30 Rock. Their’s this episode about Leap Day that talks about how you should do something extra special because you have an extra day! Jack thinks it’s a special day because you can do an extra day of business while the other characters celebrate it like it’s an actual holiday. It’s hilarious and genius and it really got me thinking that we DO get this extra day this year! So I wanted to do something special on this extra day!

I’ve decided to launch my website, Waverley Design Co. today. I’m SO excited about it and I’ve been working so hard on this.

Waverley Design Co. is a custom website and branding company for photographers and other creative entrepreneurs. I’m so passionate about this and absolutely love web design. Right now I’m specializing in ProPhoto and WordPress. I’m so passionate about this because being a business owner can be a lot of hard work, but being your own boss and creating a life that you love comes with a lot of freedom as well. I want to help people build not only their dream businesses, but their dream lives. So this is branding built on where you want to go. Take a look around my new website, if you want your brand to take you somewhere new I’d love to be apart of it!

As many of you may know I recently competed in Opportunity Quest which is an entrepreneurship competition at Weber State University and WON! It was so exciting! So since about last August I’ve been working on getting my new design and branding company running and winning opportunity quest was just the cherry on top of the Sunday. I had to present my business plan to judges in December and in January and it was so much work but so worth it.

As far as questions go to what Waverley means for this photography business, I’ve answered those in this post.

Happy Leap Day!

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