Harry Potter World and Universal Studios on our Honeymoon

I thought I’d document the best vacation of my liiiiiiife. The week after we got married!! I’ve had tons of engaged peeps ask me about this. First of all, money. Well we saved a lot of money for our honeymoon because my fantastic in laws paid for this INSTEAD of a luncheon. Yes, I would have rather had a sweet vacation rather than a fancy lunch for my family and friends (sorrynotsorry). Which gives you a little hint on where my priorities lie.

See the rest of our honeymoon in the Bahamas here. 

So our wedding day went as followed: Temple, pictures, bbq dinner, reception.
The dinner my in laws provided we did right before the reception for everyone who came to the temple and a few other close friends and family! Essentially like a luncheon but a lot more laid back and a lot cheaper! My FIL’s friend smoked a lot of pork for the occasion and then we had a couple aunts bring salads, and had sandwhiches and great food (I love bbq)!! Everyone loved it and ranted and raved about it!

Then our honeymoon! YAY! We flew to Florida the next day which was Sunday. Then Monday-Wednesday was spent at Universal Studios! I’m not sure if you all know that Dave and I are obsessed with Harry Potter, but we are. So this was a big deal for us! Harry Potter world is like Disneyland of the Wizards and it was just fantastic! It’s probably our favorite place ever! Our hotel had a shuttle to and from Universal, and if we ever wanted to go early or leave later it was really easy to catch a cheap cab back to the hotel for a cheap ($5) price because our hotel wasn’t too far! We had a BIG breakfast every morning that was all you can eat at the hotel, and took snacks (fruit, cheerios, yogurt) into the park! In the park we had a pass that allowed us to have 2 meals a day so we would usually only eat dinner in the park because I wasn’t thrilled about most of the food. But between our big breakfast and our snacks that was good. But we did buy a lot of butterbeer which was $3 each time, so maybe that counteracted trying to save money on food. Nonetheless. We hardly bought food! We also buy a t-shirt everywhere we go-we usually get the cheapest one we can find! So that we can make a quilt when we have enough (they didn’t need to be big, these were cheaper)! Also, remember, we are OBSESSED with Harry Potter. So we bought whatever we thought was cool! So we did spend more on souvenirs here than we would anywhere else! And it was worth it!

Frozen Butterbeer. The nectar of the Gods.

Also, we went to Florida in July. I had heard how HOT and HUMID it was going to be and it was totally hyped up. It was the monsoon season though. Haha so randon rain storms would come and pass quickly which was fun :) So it didn’t ever feel too hot but my skin LOVED the humidity!

One of the days it was kind of rainy-so we went to the other side of Universal, most every ride is inside so it was a great option for us!

We did ride other rides other than in HPW.. haha which were fun! Except the Hulk one. Bonked head. Ouch.

 GUYS. The turkey legs!! It was only like $11 or something and fed both of us! A great option ;)
The 3 Broomsticks-it’s a restaurant from the movies and books so naturally we had to eat there!
 And of course the Ford Anglier Ron and Harry fly to Hogwarts!

Our Total: Food: 3 Broomsticks ($15), butterbeer ($3×6=$18), authentic Bahamian food ($22), turkey leg ($11)=$67
Souvenirs: 3 kids shirts ($25), HP memorabilia ($80)=$105
Transportation: Taxi to Universal ($15), taxi in Nassau ($6), Scooter in Nassau ($50 with tip)=$71
Total 7 day trip=$243
Very well worth not having a luncheon I’d say! ;)

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