How to schedule a post on Facebook!

This has honestly been a life changer! I set up my posts to go along with my blog, and I get to enjoy my day without having to log onto Facebook over and over again to make sure I’m reaching my audience at the right time.


Here are some simple step by step directions!

1)Go to your Facebook timeline on your business or personal page, click on Photo/Video

Schedule Facebook post

2) Upload the picture you’d like to add, you can do hashtags at this point, as well as tag anyone in the picture description, essentially you are doing everything regular at this point.

3)See that little clock on the bottom? The yellow box says, set the date and time of your post, I think you see where I’m going from here.

Screenshot 2014-08-18 08.49.35

3) Choose the right date and time, I just try to space them from each other, and post things that are at times people are getting on their phones, right when they wake up, when they are at lunch, getting home from work, and before going to bed.Screenshot 2014-08-18 08.49.40

Screenshot 2014-08-18 08.49.52

4) Once you set the time, click on the blue schedule button, you’ll notice it switched from “post” to “schedule”!Screenshot 2014-08-18 08.50.02

5)You’re set! You can view, edit, and cancel whatever you’d like right under the status bar. That will always be there if you have a scheduled post!Screenshot 2014-08-18 08.50.16

**Side note, you can edit posts, and tag people in the actual photos, but I don’t do that until the next day when I set up my next post, because then the picture gets MORE traffic. People see it in their feed, and then once people they know, or I am tagged in the photo, they will see it again!

Good luck! I highly advise this, it’s been so helpful to me and I’ve only been doing it a week!

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