“Amy is awesome! I loved loved working with her. :) She knows how to work her camera and her photos definitely show that! I am so happy with her work. She shot my wedding reception and my company work party. I will 100 percent use her again in the future. Easy to work with, on time (early even!), and so sweet. She genuinely cares about her clients, and understands that she is running a business. Highly recommend.”

-Bree Payne

“The process of branding with Amy was so perfect. How can you be professional, laid back, and focused all at once??? I’m not going to lie, my biggest down fall is procrastination. I knew Amy worked on a timeline, and she helped me to stay on track with the assignments I needed to get done. She communicated what need to be done, when she wanted it done, and helped me with any questions I had to get it done. If you are a people-pleaser I’m sure you can appreciate a balance of pushing you, exactly as far as you need to be, without the pressure of causing you sleepless nights. Professional, laid back, focused. Amy’s tools she used and communication style kept us on the same page the ENTIRE process. We both knew what direction I wanted to take my brand and Amy’s creative process kept us moving on the exact same path.

Thanks for the mentoring, direction, brand, website, friendship, and photography tips, Amy! You are one of a kind!”

-Hiliary Stewart

“Not only will you get amazing pictures, you will get a friendship and lots of laughs and memories. I am so blessed I found Amy Hirschi, and trust me when I say that you won’t be disappointed.”

-Jamie Clark


The perfect photos to showcase what you sell. Simple and modern on various backgrounds and with different backdrops. We will find the perfect styling for your products to match your brand and to target the right demographic. In a studio setting, or at your place of business. 


Photos of your products, and of your people. The perfect photos to showcase what you sell and how to use it. We will create the perfect styling for your products to match your brand and to target the right demographic. In a studio setting, or at your place of business. Includes headshots for employees and team photo, as well as models using your products and services.


The first step to recognition of your brand. Having a custom logo helps legitimize your business and helps people start to associate an image with your business. This includes one logo and an alternate logo, online consultation, brand identity board, colors and fonts for consistency, three social media templates, thank you card design, business card design, and three page pricing guide. 

WEB DESIGN | $1100

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, it's time for a website. If you're not sure where to start, I'm here to help! Includes web design on Wordpress and ProPhoto template platform or a Squarespace template. We start by having an initial meeting to understand what your needs are for your website and we work together to decide the best solution for your business.


A complete brand design or re-design. Includes everything from "Branding" and "Web Design" listed above! 


An introduction to social media marketing. I'll do a full social media consultation with your current brand. Includes one hour one on one with me and your team to start your journey in social media marketing! This will cover all the basics and platforms, as well as quesiton and answer time, and a follow up q+a two weeks later.