London 2013 // Around the city // DeejandBlamers

We drove about an hour to go to the London Temple. It was SO WORTH IT. For so many different reasons! We were so blessed once we decided to go to the temple. We thought we were going to have to quickly go in and come out, return our car, ride a train and bus to our hotel, all before dark. But when we got to the temple we learned that their are accommodations there for members! So we only paid like $40 for a huge room right on the safe temple grounds! It was so cool! So we saved our money from the crummy, cheap hotel that we learned wasn’t in the best part of town. AND we got to do a session in the temple and go out to eat!
 I’m so happy that I married Dave, especially that he takes temple work so seriously. We love going to the temple and it’s amazing when we go to new places and we incorporate our religion into our vacations, we are truly blessed when we do.
 Driving to the temple once we got off the freeway seriously looked like this the whole time, it was sketchy and beautiful all at the same time!
Day 2
We returned our car and bought another all day pass for London! We new we wanted to catch the latest flight into NYC so we were going to go into the city, see some sites, and then take the train to the other side of the city to the other airport!
Our first stop was to take us to Buckingham Palace, and The Queen was home! Of course it was rainy, but whatever. The people were  a lot nicer in London than in Paris. So they told us exactly what stops we needed! We also had another one of my moms handy little books!
 Long Live the Queen! I love the Royals, not sure why, but I have a huge girl crush on Kate Middleton.
 We walked up to Big Ben, which is super cool! It’s a whole building that just has tons and tons of little intricacies carved into it. And within that same square in Westminster Abbey and Parliament Square.
That was about all we had time for in London! So we then headed to the airport, only to find out that our flight was delayed 5 1/2 hours! So we checked our bags, got back on the train and headed to Wimbledon! Hell ya! Dave loves tennis and we happened to be in London during the huge tournament. We didn’t have time to wait in the 2 hour line to maybe get in. So we just walked around the grounds! It was still way cool! Next time we go we will wake up and the crack of dawn, get in line and make a whole day out of it.
 Also, the train stop “wimbledon” and “wimbledon park” ARE NOT where you go. It’s the one right before them! Kinda ridiculous but whatever. There was this little boy on the train telling his mom they were going to Wimbledon in the cutest little english accent and he had a speech impediment, I almost cried it was so adorable.
We then caught the train back to the airport, ate some dinner, rode business class to NYC and had about 4 hours until the flight to SLC. SO MUCH FUN!!! We loved London and definitely can’t wait to go back. We only stayed one night but got just about every “touristy” thing in!
Overall we spent about $500 with Harry Potter, train tickets, food, lodging and flights. We loved every second.