London 2014 // London Eye, Sherlock, and Piccadilly Circus // DeejandBlamers

We decided to go over to Baker street, and if you’re familiar with Sherlock Holmes..which I hope you are, this was cool!
And then we saw this kid.. wholly moley! He seriously looked SO much like Benedict. I died. Dave wouldn’t let me take a picture with him.
Could have been his brother! He was taking a professional photo shoot right in front of the museum!
After oggling at little Benny, and Sherlock Holmes stuff we went over to Piccadilly Circus!
It was a lot like Times Square, lots of street performers, old buildings and new advertisements! We went to Nando’s, super yummy!
Then we went to Hyde Park! And there were these awesome roller skaters! They were just dancing around and were really good! It seemed to be all the rage!
We wanted to do the paddle boats but it was a really long wait, and we didn’t take our jackets. we were wearing our time thin without them! But it was SO dang nice all day!
After a long day of exploring the city we decided to go back to the hotel and get our jackets, so we could go to The London Eye!
It was so cool! It was way worth it! We were some of the last people to get on and the view of the city is incredible.
We have really had to take advantage of these benefits! It is such a blessing to us to be able to travel! It is so important for us to take in these special moments and enjoy each others time and the places we see. I know as our life goes on, these times will stick out in our memory and be so important to us.
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