Memorial Day in Vegas & Mesquite

Being disconnected for a couple days was so awesome, and not to mention no work or school was pretty amazing as well! We were supposed to go camping but my sinuses started to act up so we text our friends to see if they wanted to hang out! It was like 3 pm and they said, well we could go to Mesquite! So I went to shoot Josh and Diana’s reception and the gang picked me up right as I finished! Dave and Ryan drove through the night while Lindsi and I slept! It was the best road trip ever ;)

car (1 of 1)_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_Photographer

We got in at like 3 am.. but I was asleep, next thing I know I’m waking up and it’s 10 am! We had no service  but it was so nice! We went to Mcdonalds for breakfast and to check some stuff before we headed to Vegas for the day!


It’s only supposed to be about an hour and a half drive to Mesquite, but their was a huge accident only about 2 minutes ahead of us! We turned off the car to stretch our legs for a while until traffic got going again!


Best roadtrip companions ever!

Chipotle selfie!



SHOPPING AT IT’S FINEST. Getting stuck in a hoodie because I didn’t take the hanger out.. hahaha!

IMG_1363_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_Photographeryo.. Sprinkles cupcakes are the best. Get the Chocolate Marshmallow and thank me later.

IMG_1368_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_Photographerbest friends FOREVER.

IMG_1371_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerLinds is the BEST at popping backs because she’s so dang tiny haha! And we went to the nicest restaurant Mesquite had to offer, it’s not bad! It was called Samurai 21. Mesquite is just the best to golf, and watch movies, shop, eat, and just be with our friends!

IMG_1382_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerWe made a few pit stops on the way home! This was an abandoned house they were buying some cupboards from.. haha so sketch! But I would love to go take pictures there sometime!

IMG_1392_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerIMG_1397_Amy_Hirschi_Photography_Ogden_Salt_Lake_Utah_Wedding_PhotographerMesquite and Vegas really is like a true vacation in my mind!


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