My favorite travel gear with Red Leaf Leather

I get asked ALL the time what camera and gear I take when I travel so I thought I should do a post about what my favorites are!

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1) Travel DSLR

I don’t take my professional camera *GASP*

So I use the Canon s1, and I love it! It’s super light and small, I can use my lenses from my professional camera that I’ve accrued!

The lenses: Canon nifty 50, The standard one that came with the camera 18-55, and 70-200 for far away shots.

Here’s why: This is my livelihood. And it’s way heavy. For real. If I were going on a vacation and my sole purpose was to take pictures and sell them or for a client, that would obviously be different. But as it is I’m trying to be comfortable and I’m walking literally all day. Some photographers totally think differently, but I was a traveler before I was a photographer. And my number one priority is to experience where I’m at, and call me crazy I don’t want to have to worry about my gear and about being behind my lens all the time. I’ve been trying so hard to live in the moment and being constantly worried about taking a perfect picture is not part of that. Don’t get me wrong, I love my pictures I get with it and it’s amazing, but I don’t want to be stressed about my camera. And did I mention it’s super light?


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2) Passport Holder

I LOVE this one from Red Leaf Leather! Can’t you see why?? It’s SO adorable AND personalized!! I bought this one in yellow with the quote, “Collect Moments Not Things” but I loved it SO much that I started to just use it as my wallet! So when we started to plan this trip I knew I needed a new one and Kelsey made me the cutest one! I’m seriously obsessed! Find yours HERE!!!!

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What to keep in your passport holder:

Identification: I ALWAYS take my passport, driver’s license, and school ID. My license so that I can lock up my passport in the hotel and not lose it and then if I need ID I have it on me, my student ID because student’s get discounts in TONS of places! Almost every museum I’ve been to I’ve gotten a discount with my student ID.

Money: Two forms of cards come with me. Every time I’ve gone to Europe (3 different times and 5 different countries) I’ve run into the same issue; certain ATM’s, bus ticket machines, restaurants, you name it, they only take a certain type. Our last trip to Italy every single train station would only take my debit card, what the what? And certain places only take American Express, so I’ve got my credit card for that!

For cash and a money saving tip, instead of paying a $10 fee AND a percentage to the money exchange in the airports, just pull out money from he ATM! You’ll only spend that $3 fee from your bank and it’s easy to find an ATM anywhere! Plus you don’t pull out too much money or keep too much on you at one time.

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3) Purse with a lock

We’ve been traveling seriously our entire marriage. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect bag that not only holds everything but is safe! On our honeymoon I found a small one that felt safe but it couldn’t hold a lot plus it was yellow and didn’t match a lot. Hawaii I found a good one with zippers but was really thin and could only hold my camera and nothing else. And in Scotland I found a big one but it only had a little magnet keeping it shut.

When you’re in giant crowds your purse is always on your mind or for sure in the back of your mind. And a place like Rome and there’s so many people and tourists and panhandlers and pickpockets, having a purse that you know is closed up all the way is HUGE. I felt like my things were safe and secure! Plus it could hold a water bottle on the side too!

I found my unicorn! It is big enough to hold everything! Lenses, camera, wallet, medicine, sunglasses, umbrella etc. It’s perfect! I used this one from Target. And I’m serious it’s perfect! Plus I can just lock it with the strap to my zipper. Don’t be surprised if I buy a couple more in different colors because I will be devastated if I can’t get more of this!


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4) Wi-Fi memory card

Can I get a, “Hallelujah!?!?!” This thing is AMAZING! My Canon 6D has wifi in it and I love it, so for my birthday my sweet Dave got me this for my new travel camera! I can get the pictures I take on my camera directly on my phone or iPad. Almost all the pictures I posted on instagram throughout our trip I had on my phone because of this little nifty card! Do yourself a favor and get one asap! I use this one. And I’m pretty sure my husband got it on sale because he wouldn’t spend that much on a card haha!

Go look at my instagram, I think all but two of the pictures I posted on the trip were shot with my canon and not my phone! That’s huge! I love this thing and think anyone going on a trip should have it! Plus what happens if your gear gets stolen? At least you’ve saved some of your pictures on your phone or posted them already! It’s so convenient.


5) Portable Umbrella

I got mine from Old Navy because it was only like $10 but I think you can find these anywhere! I keep it in my suitcase and then if the weather even hints at rain it’s small enough that in can fit in my purse around town!

I have used it in London and of course when I’m shooting weddings, but it really is SO handy and nothing can ruin your day quite like having to spend lots of money on an umbrella as a tourist or having to cut your day short.

We had one in London and it was the best thing ever! We are walking SO much on our trips and nothing should slow us down!


6) Plug converter

All in one converter is a must have! I have this one and it’s really affordable. We’ve used it in Italy, France, London, and Scotland. It’s so great because Europe and UK are actually different ports from each other AND the US! So we haven’t had to buy multiple ones ever.


7) Good headphones and Audio guides! 

I HATE airplane headphones! And we listen to audio guides and tours and sometimes they’ll give you headphones.. I have no idea whose ears have been in those! Bring your own and download some traveling podcasts, I love Rick Steve’s audio guides and you’ll thank yourself!


Happy traveling! I hope this helps you and you’ve enjoyed it! Feel free to follow me on Instagram and you can ask any other questions you might have! But after 30+ trips with me and my husband, I feel pretty confident that these are my favorite accessories!


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