Oahu for Halloween!

So on Halloween night Dave and I decided to fly to Hawaii! We were going to go the next day but hopped on a plane early instead! My dad and step mom went earlier that day so they picked us up at the  airport and drove us back up to the condo we were staying at.
My dad found this condo on airbnb.com and it was perfect for us! It was at Turtle Bay, which is up by the North Shore so about an hour from the HNL airport. We got in at about 8:30 and it was later our time so we pretty much went right to bed. But if we would have flown in the next day we would have missed more than half of our friday! And we got first class on the way to Hawaii so we had already eaten!
The next morning we decided to start driving to a few places and made a stop at Sunset Beach! It’s right on the North Shore! And it’s SO nice..like even the sand is super nice. I have never been way into just going and hanging out at the beach but with the sand being super nice and the walk from parking to the ocean not being miles long, I was a fan!
There was a surf competition going and it was super cool to see!
Our next stop was the Waimea Valley Hike! This was our FAVORITE!!! It was $15 per person but I thought it was well worth it!
So the actual “hike” is only about 3/4 of a mile each way, and it’s got all these cool plants and trees! Definitely worth the trip!
This valley used to be home to a lot of natives, and it was really interesting to see all the ruins and remakes of a lot of their lives.
 Showing off…
 Life was good..
Swimming under a waterfall is prime!!
After we finished we finished there we decided to head over to the Dole Plantation!
 Gum Tree!
 Maturity. We decided to take the train tour of the fields of pineapple and it was interesting! I liked going but probably wouldn’t go again.
 Day 1 was simply awesome!
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