Our honeymoon // Cruise to the Bahamas

On Thursday after being at Harry Potter World we boarded the cruise ship! Our cruise was 3 nights! Dave wanted to go on a cruise really bad for the honeymoon, and I didn’t want to go to Mexico. So that’s when we got the brilliant idea to see HPW while we were there!

You hear about how good the food is on cruises. Whoever is telling you this is right. Especially dinner! Dinner’s were ALWAYS fantastic! But the lunches were buffet style which is harder for me because I’m so picky. But it’s unlimited so if I didn’t like something I just went and found something else so that was good!

Our formal night they came over to us and sang “rock the boat”.. awkward.

Our room was fine! Nothing fancy. But one cool thing is that we were right at the front, literally we were the first room which had some perks.

1) No neighbors across the hall, so no kids, drunkards, or loud people running down our hall! So we had some people right next door but they seemed to be partiers so they were gone most of the time.

2) We had windows!

Then Saturday was all day at sea and Sunday we got off the boat at like 11 am! So on the cruise you’re all taken care of for food, and since we don’t drink that was cheap, and didn’t buy anything on the boat. Done. But in the Bahamas we rented a scooter which was way fun!

So we sailed to Nassau Thursday night and had all day Friday in the Bahamas to play on the beaches and get scared out of our wits of being robbed!

We drove around looking at gigantic colorful houses, playing on white sand beaches!

Not sure what is going on with this road..

Remember… honeymoon

Then went to a little restaurant and got friend plantains, cob salad, and rb&r. It was fun to eat the authentic food, which I wasn’t a huge fan of because it was hot outside and the food was hot. But I’m always up for trying anything! Plus I love seafood so it was good.

Don’t mind our sweat. It was HOT.

Then we took a taxi over to the Atlantis part of the Island, we didn’t go to the actual hotel because we didn’t want to pay. I’m sure it’s super nice but we just wanted to hang out on the beach. We put some sand in an empty bottle and then when we got home I put it in an ornament we used at Christmas! *awe*

Most of the time I hate taking pictures of ourselves, so we try to find other couples or families who need a picture and do a little trade so it’s not the awkwardness of hunting someone down to take a picture they don’t want to.

I guess I should talk about why we were a little scared in nassau. Haha. Well like 80% of the Bahamian population is in this one city, and EVERYONE is either panhandling or trying to sell you something. Which proved to be good when we got a good deal on a shirt, taxi ride, and scooter. But when a little kid comes up to you and puts a necklace on you, tells you it’s free and then asks for money for his school, I LITERALLY did not have any cash but $1, he got mad at me! Takes it off my neck and says he can’t only have $1! I said “I thought it was free.” He just walked away. So then we thought, let’s get a scooter and not walk around these dang streets. So we did! And that was good! So if you’re in Atlantis or not in the city center right where you get off the boat I think Bahamas is great!

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