San Francisco for a day!

We had a free day and flights looked good! We’d never been to San Fran and decided to wing it!

First off we were getting on the BART which is the light rail that takes you everywhere you need to go, and a couple was like, “Does anybody need free bus passes?” …UM YES! They gave us these City Passes that got us around the bus system and trolley’s for free! It was sweet!

The first thing we did was ride the BART and caught the bus to the Golden Gate Bridge! It was windy, sunny, and just so beautiful! We also got some good pizza!


We then took a taxi over to Pier 39! Of course I needed some ice cream :)


 Remember those city passes? Ya they had free aquarium passes! I’m not huge on aquariums but it was like $18 a piece for free, so we walked in! And jellyfish are incredible. The end.


It’s a really short walk over to Fisherman’s warf! It’s cool! Tons of boats and birds and people doing shows on streets! I also got some good crab.


 We road down Lombard street too! Our taxi driver kept saying “1 block 9 turns!” I think he wanted to be a tour guide and not a taxi driver.


Remember that ice-cream cone in my hand?! ^^ ya don’t worry, a seagull SNATCHED it out of my hand right after this!  One of these little guys swooped down and snagged my icecream! I was ticked!!!


Overall we loved San Fran! It wasn’t long enough, so we can’t wait to go back! We spent $32 on the BART, $15 on food, $20 on a taxi, $5 on a shirt, $10 on ice cream, and $8 on a frame! Overall we spent $90. Definitely worth it!

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