Spokane while the sun’s down

We made a very quick trip to Spokane to see my friend Mandy and to give her some shirts! It was so much fun! We didn’t see the sun once, that’s how quick it was. But I love it. I love flying somewhere that would take 12 hours to drive to and being able to see people that I normally wouldn’t be able to!

One of the very first things all of her friends asked us about was BYU…I get it. We’re mormon, from Utah, and they’re catholic and don’t like BYU. But I literally have nothing to tie me to that school.

Mandy took us to our first bar! Haha! The bouncer literally laughed at me. My id is still vertical because I got my name changed before I was 21 due to getting married so young. I smiled at him and apparently it was laughable. But whatever! It was this sweet country bar and Dave and I danced with Mandy and her school friends!

 This pic is super crummy, I know. But this is my dearest friend Mandog! Thanks for hosting us for ten hours sista!

 Above the clouds

 Pulling into SLC!!

 The shirts we had for her! The Gonzaga Not Soberfest! Check out Hirschi Designs for more!

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