Stirling, Scotland

After our morning driving around Galashiels and the wonderful scenery there, we drove about an hour and a half northwest to Stirling!
Stirling Castle was super neat! We loved it! It was all renovated on the inside, which was cool. We got to see what it would have looked like when it was in use!
 All the views were unlike anything else atop Castle Hill!
 When Jame’s V ruled, he was practically obsessed with these wood carvings of famous people’s heads! They are called, “The Stirling Heads.” A lot of the original carvings are still on display in a museum on castle grounds! But their have been replicas placed on the ceilings!
 And all around the Castle their is carvings of people and faces and heads all over the place!
 Parts of the castle, date back to the 12th century!
Why am I so lucky??
We stayed the night in Stirling at this hotel! It was nice and very close to the castle and the city.
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