Our layover in Amsterdam and business class is the business

We flew to Amsterdam the night after St. Andrew’s, because it was so much cheaper flying out of there than out of the UK! And yes, even as an employee I have to pay country taxes, which are crazy high from the UK! We didn’t have time to go into the city unfortunately… :( Isn’t that the worst??

10 Hour flight in business class just isn’t that bad. I think I watched 4 movies and took a nap laying flat!

Appetizer, caprese, chicken, dessert, and cookies and milk! We got pampered in business!!!

We couldn’t make it to SLC, so we went and hung out in Seattle for a couple days! It was actually really nice! We had just been on the longest and most exhausting trip of our lives, and we just got to nap and watch movies with our nephews and my brother and sister in law!
Overall, this was a once in a lifetime trip! Oh my gosh I can’t recommend Scotland or England enough!
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