We’re pregnant!

Well if you haven’t heard our big news, I’m pregnant!!! Dave and I are SO dang excited! We feel ready, but we know we aren’t haha.

Here are some answers to my most FAQ’s :)

  • How far along are you?
    • I was 14 weeks this Monday!
  • Are you sick?
    • YES. And I’ve had a cold the last week and I can’t take much medicine it. So pregnancy wise, I’m finally feeling a bit better! But I’m still super tired.
  • What day are you due?
    • April 16th! Reminder… my birthday is the 8th and Dave’s is the 12th, so this will be lots of fun!!
  • Will you find out the gender?
    • Yup! I didn’t do the early blood test but hopefully, we’ll find out soon!
  • When did you find out?
    • Middle of August, like a week before we left for Scotland!
  • So you were pregnant in Scotland?
    • Yes, 5-7 weeks :) I was queezy a few days and so we canceled our boat ride to the Isle of Lewis :( but it’s ok and was worth it!
  • Are you craving anything?
    • Yes and no. I’m not craving anything over and over again or a lot, but each day I usually feel like I can eat something or I can’t eat something.
  • What weird symptoms are you having?
    • Uhhh weirdest dreams ever. And I’m colder than usual!
  • If it’s a boy, are you naming him Harry? (Haha, yes seriously I get asked this a lot)
    • Nope ;)
  • What names do you like?
    • We have a few names picked out! But I’ll wait until we know the gender to talk about it!

This picture was taken in Portree, on the Isle of Skye in Scotland! We bought this little onesie to take some pictures on our trip and we couldn’t pass up these pink and blue buildings!

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