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One of my favorite traditions Dave and I started when we got married was to get an ornament from wherever we travel! I have this dream that we’ll have a whole tree dedicated to all our travels and another tree to be decorated perfectly :) We’re getting there! This year we added a few to our collection and revisited some of the same places!

We went to Boston way back in 2013, but we forgot to get an ornament! I was looking for little stocking stuffers for Dave and came across this keychain that I decided I needed on our tree! It looks so much like Dave’s #travelingbostonhat it was the perfect addition for our tree!


The Black Sand beach on the Road to Hana in Maui was so fun collecting sand for! It’s so different that I was looking forward to  making this ornament.

ornaments-1-of-10_waverley_design_co_web_design_branding_brand_graphic_design_website_design_utah_photographerOur trip to NYC this summer was seriously so incredible! We’d been to New York for about half a day on a layover but spending a few days there and crossing some items off our bucket list was so amazing.ornaments-3-of-10_waverley_design_co_web_design_branding_brand_graphic_design_website_design_utah_photographerWe were able to go back to Disneyland with the Hirschi family this year, it was such a blast!ornaments-4-of-10_waverley_design_co_web_design_branding_brand_graphic_design_website_design_utah_photographerAnd we went back to Universal Studios and Harry Potter world twice this year!!ornaments-6-of-10_waverley_design_co_web_design_branding_brand_graphic_design_website_design_utah_photographerDave surprised me with this new ornament! Although this wasn’t a trip.. it was a destination I’ve been working towards for a while! Graduating this year was easily the most thrilling and accomplished destination this year.ornaments-9-of-10_waverley_design_co_web_design_branding_brand_graphic_design_website_design_utah_photographer

I can’t wait to see what new ornaments we add this next year! I don’t love the look of ornaments that most places sell, so we mostly just buy key chains to use! They’re a lot cheaper and most ornaments are pretty cheesy. I love our travel tree!

Here are our ornaments from 2015 and 2014!

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