What camera setup do you use?

I use a Canon 6D with a Sigma Art Lens 50mm almost exclusively. For wider shots I use my 24-70mm L. For travel, see this post. :)

What do you edit with?

Lightroom with a preset that I created myself, and a little bit of photoshop for the occasional head swap!

How do you post pictures from your camera to instagram?

Glad you asked! I used to have to load them to dropbox from my computer, but the 6D has wifi which is the bees knees. Get a wifi SD card if your camera doesn’t have wifi!

How have you traveled so much?

Before I became an entrepreneur I worked for Delta! It sounds WAY better than it is, I promise. But I could fly for free and then I got perks of miles for hitting certain numbers, so that’s how we’ve traveled afterwards. Plus I just make it a priority in my life to go on vacation. Even without free flights we make it work!

What are you studying in school?

My major is web design and my minor is entrepreneurship! Love both areas.

Why aren’t you studying photography?

Great question! I admire every single person who has a photography degree but I decided that I wanted to learn something business and tech related when I started going to school. Since photography is an art degree I steered away from it.

How did you and your husband meet?

We both were selling phones at T-mobile! HAHA! He helped train me and we flirted non stop in the backroom. While I was supposed to be on calls we were watching Jim Gaffigan together.

So do you have another job?

Yup! I’ve always known I wanted to be a part time photographer. While I’ve been in school I’ve only taken a few weddings during the semester and been busier in the summer. So when I graduate I will also work as a designer for Websites and Branding for Photographers with my other business, Waverley Design Co. Basically design will take place of school so I’ll still be able to work with amazing clients and shoot weddings part time, that’s the beauty of being an entrepreneur. You can do what you want with your time!

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